2017 Taipei Game Developers Forum CALL FOR PRESENTATION

2017 Taipei Game Developers Forum CFP

2017 台北遊戲開發者論壇 講題徵集


  1. 2017.06.30 / June 30th 2017 (Fri)
  2. 2017.07.01 / July 1st 2017 (Sat)


台北文創大樓(松菸)6F / Taipei New Horizon Building 6F

Expected Audience Size

900+ (individual tracks with 200~300 each)

講題徵集面向 / What to submit

  1. 遊戲開發技術議題:程式、遊戲設計、美術、音樂音效等
  2. 行銷、營運、社群、參展等商務相關經驗分享
  3. VR / AR 相關之軟硬體於遊戲開發之探討與經驗分享
  4. 任何其他與遊戲開發相關之議題探討
  5. 不用擔心議題深淺或範圍大小,近年 TGDF 與會者愈趨多元,各類講題皆有其價值
  1. Programming, Game Design, Art, Audio or other development related topics.
  2. Marketing, Management, Community, Exhibition or other business related topics. 
  3. Virtual / Augmented Reality applications, techniques and issues in games.
  4. Other game development related topics not mentioned above.  
  5. Don't worry about the scope or depth of your choice of topic. The variety of attendees of TGDF is only getting higher, and all kinds of topics have their value.

講題徵集方式 / How to submit

  • 講題投稿當下無須準備除報名表單所需之外的其他資料(如投影片等)。如有需要,講題內容或講者資料等在截止前也都還可以修改。填寫請下在方點選報名後,依照表單說明輸入連絡方式、講題相關資料等,主辦單位將會再行與您連絡,預計徵集截止時間預計為 2017 / 4 / 17
    We only require the information presented in the application form, and nothing else, at the moment of submitting a proposal, and you can modify your proposal however you like before the submission deadline. Click "Reserve Now" at the bottom of the page, input related speaker & presentation info following the instructions. We will contact you after reviewing. The deadline for submission is April 17th, 2017 (UTC+8).

Website (zh-TW):http://www.tgdf.tw
Website (en-US):http://www.tgdf.tw/en/

Organizer: 財團法人資訊工業策進會
Co-organizer: IGDA Taiwan

註:本論壇保留隨時調整議程、及投稿講題接受與否之權利。We reserve the right to rearrange the schedule and/or refuse submissions. 

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
投稿 / presentation submission

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